Big Letters, Big Head

Holter MuseumHolter Museum of Art Helena, Montana 2014

We drove up to Helena, MT to the Holter Museum of Art earlier today where I gave an artist talk in connection with my Opus Corvus exhibit there. It was the most well attended artist talk I think I’ve ever had, with over 40 people enthusiastic people there. I took this photo afterwards because I’ve never seen my name in letters that big anywhere before. They really know how to pump up your ego at the Holter!]]>

7 thoughts on “Big Letters, Big Head”

  1. I didn’t know you had images on display in Missoula! Thanks! I’ll check it out and refer my black & white photo editing students.

  2. Oh, I see I interpreted “Monte Dolack exhibit” as meaning his gallery in Missoula was showing your work. Now I understand it’s at the Holter too! Duh! 🙂

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