POTD: Balustrades

POTD: BalustradesBalustrades Grenada, Nicaragua 2013

Railings at the municipal cemetery.


5 thoughts on “POTD: Balustrades”

  1. Very striking! I love the pattern and angle interactions of the lighted and shadowed forms. Even the vertical shadow and shadow on the railing on the left do a lot to hold the composition together.

  2. Nice composition for B&W. Did you chose to shoot in B&W at that moment in colorful Grenada, or wait until you were under the influence of the snowfields in Bozeman to go B&W?

    1. Thanks Steve. The B&W decision was easy in that case as the cemetery tombs are almost all just whitewashed with no color involved. (Of course the sky was blue but it doesn’t even show in that photo.) The snowfields in Bozeman, if they had influenced me, would have led to a very drab looking image–all we have in town right now are expanses of snirt (snow mixed with dirt). We are under a winter storm warning today though so that could change.

  3. I’m intrigued by the fact that the openings in the foreground and some of the balustrades on the lower levels look like funeral urns! How appropriate for the setting.

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