POTD: Happy Holidays 2013

Happy Holidays from Zippy and the Fashion Queen

K1650Larry and Connie Blackwood Lake Nicaragua 2013

Even though we enjoyed our time in Nicaragua, we are happy to be home for the holidays in Bozeman. Wherever you are this year, we hope you are having a wonderful time. And as always, thanks for subscribing to the POTDs; there’s no better gift than knowing my work is appreciated. ]]>

11 thoughts on “POTD: Happy Holidays 2013”

  1. Your POTDs are a treat that I enjoy with my morning coffee most days. Thank you for dedication in posting them. Merry Christmas!

  2. Even when I neglect to mention it I nearly always enjoy your photos. Half the subjects in this one is mighty scary however (You’ll surely know which). Happy New Year you two. And about this responder Jim McRae. Can you or he share his email? I’d love to reconnect.

  3. I love this picture. It shows both of you as the adventuresome selves you are. What is that “bouquet” Connie is holding? I hope the new year brings you both continued good health and many more exciting explorations. p.s. I posted much earlier, but had a disconnection glitch that kept it from appearing.

    1. Thanks Betty Connie is holding a flower that our guide plucked off a tree on one of the islands in the lake. When she picked it, it was just a long banana shaped pod. But she twisted it once and it sprung open into a big flower blossom. Pretty cool.

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