POTD: Fall Protection #1

POTD: Fall Protection #1Fall Protection #1 Grenada, Nicaragua 2013

 There’s a lot of construction work that goes on in Grenada that would make OHSA cringe. This guy was at least wearing some fall protection. Still I don’t think you could get me up there where he is, at least not in enough of a relaxed state to be worth beans at actually getting any work done.]]>

3 thoughts on “POTD: Fall Protection #1”

  1. Wow – that looks rather precarious. Not sure the safety line would even do any good if he had to rely on it – doesn’t look like it is tied to anything very stable. Yikes!

  2. Cheez! You know, OSHA is just killing small business, enterprise and the AMERICAN DREAM. What we don’t need is more safety regulations, nanny state-ism. We need to be more like the failed state of communist Nicaragua!

    1. Well Steve, I suppose that there are those that would claim that OSHA is just the first domino on the way to communism taking over. The next thing you know they’ll be making everyone wear seatbelts–oh, oh, they already are! 🙂

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