POTD: Vegas Abstract #3

Vegas Abstract #3 Las Vegas, Nevada 2012

The balconies (or maybe they’re not really balconies, just some sunshade or simple design element–hard to tell) on the building on the left of this image seem very dynamic viewed from this angle. It’s almost as if the image is a freeze-frame capture of them being sprayed across the front of the adjoining building.]]>

4 thoughts on “POTD: Vegas Abstract #3”

  1. I’m really enjoying these architectural abstracts you made in Vegas (where I lived for 9 years in the mid 80s-90s). Good work with a long lens to isolate these shots.

    1. Thanks Kathy, and my condolences on having to have lived in Vegas for 9 years. It’s an interesting place but way too Vegas for me. (Of course I’ve heard that away from the strip it’s a much more normal city.)

    2. Kathy, I was in Vegas on business ten or more years ago now and stayed in a very nice, quiet hotel next to the university. They had zero gambling games on the premises and the whole area seemed quite normal. I got a dose of the true reality or unreality of Vegas when I went closer to the strip for meetings each day. It was quite a contrast.

  2. Well, it’s almost normal away from the Strip! If you can overlook the slot machines in the grocery stores, gas stations, etc. The only places I never saw the slots were health care facilities and the university where I worked. I had a good job with great people, but eventually the city and the heat overwhelmed me and I escaped to MT!

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