POTD: Good to the Last Drop

Good to the Last Drop Zion National Park, Utah 2012

I’ve never lived anywhere where it rained so much I got tired of it. I could see it happening though because I have lived in places where it was cloudy so much I got tired of it. But not in the desert where it’s such a unique experience to get caught out in the rain that it’s actually quite pleasurable.]]>

2 thoughts on “POTD: Good to the Last Drop”

  1. Comment for today. I reconfirmed and acted on leaving Wichita after the fall-winter of 76 when they had measureable percepitation for 46 straight days. But after the terrible drought we had here in Colorado in 2000 and 2002 I vowed never to be bothered by precepitation again. Many days when it rained I think about my vow and walk around with a goofy smile just thinking about how much better this was than that drought. Unfortunately, this spring is setting up just like those years.
    Yesterdays comment. Chevy Silverado has a hybrid truck that is best milage in class, beating the Ford F150 6 cylinder eco boost ( 4 or 6 cylinders fire, depending on driving condition) by 1/2 mile per gallon, 20mpg. Takes a lot of carbon to move a lot of iron.

    1. Steve, 46 straight days of measurable participation would likely push me over to the hate rain side. Glad I wasn’t living in Wichita at the time.

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