POTD: Storm Over Zion #3

Storm Over Zion #3 Zion National Park, Utah 2012

One final (for now) pictorial excursion.


6 thoughts on “POTD: Storm Over Zion #3”

    1. It’s interesting that you like this one the best Betty. Our rankings are backwards from one another–I posted them in the order that I liked them best. The difference must be the sky vs. mountain dominance issue.

  1. I must not be getting the message you intended to get across, but you realize I get kind of hung up on composition sometimes and quickly react to it. I think the couple of bright spots in this one add a great deal to it in the way of contrast and focus.

    1. Betty I think you’re getting the message just fine. It’s just that parts of the message rank differently with you than they do with me–perhaps due to the difference between your art appreciation based on formal training and my own that I just picked up from the streets so to speak. And I think I am quite similar to you in that I react to compositional elements before anything else in art.

  2. Don’t ever put yourself down because of a lack of “formal” training. You put enough time, effort and serious study into your art to have earned 10 degrees. If only I had been that tuned in when I was young.

    1. Thanks Betty. Although at times I suppose I feel to some degree an artistic hick due to my informal training, it generally doesn’t bother me at all–especially when I see what crap some formal art education is producing. (See, if I had more formal training I would have come up with a more highfalutin term than crap to describe that stuff.) 🙂 As for the age thing, at my 50th birthday dinner an artist friend quoted one of her mentors as saying that most artists don’t really have anything to say until they turn 50, or something like that. That was a kind gift since I didn’t really get back into photography until I was nearly 50. Of course both that artist and I suppose her mentor as well were over 50, so there may have been some bias in their assessment. Grandma Moses is I suppose proof that it’s certainly never too late to make a go of art.

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