POTD: Escaping South

Escaping South
Cathedral Gorge State Park, Nevada

Our first destination on this trip was Cathedral Gorge State Park in Nevada, it was just far enough south and lower in elevation to get out of the early morning snowstorm we drove through to get there. We made it over the pass on the snow slick roads just fine but had to drive around two larger travel trailers whose tow vehicles lost traction and stranded them in the middle of the lane.

5 thoughts on “POTD: Escaping South”

    1. It’s like the Badlands but with more intricate detail. It was pretty muddy when I was there last year. I learned quickly to not try and traverse an angled slope.

    1. (For some reason the last part of that stranded sentence got stranded somewhere itself and didn’t show up in the post. It’s fixed now.) No we didn’t get stranded. We have four wheel drive and weren’t towing anything so were able to slowly go around the stranded rigs.

      1. Thanks for the clarification – you had me in suspense when the post wasn’t complete! 🙂 And glad you didn’t get stranded!

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