POTD: Alligator Juniper

POTD: Alligator JuniperAlligator Juniper
Mt. Wrightson, Arizona

The bark on this tree should make it quite clear where the species got its name.

2 thoughts on “POTD: Alligator Juniper”

  1. Randy Blackwood

    I have never heard of an Alligator Juniper before. So I was doing a little search on the internet, and apparently Prescott College has a Literary magazine they call Alligator Juniper, that runs an annual literary and photo contest. Maybe you could submit a photo and a haiku 🙂

    1. Prescott College is down there in Alligator Juniper country, so I’m not surprised about the journal name. Wouldn’t that be something if I could become a published poet as well as a photographer! But to paraphrase the saying, I’m not sure I’d want to be a part of a literary magazine that would have me as an author!

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