May 8, 2015

Spring Art Show Weather


I know it’s time to start really getting ready for early outdoor art shows each year when I see green grass, flowers and fresh snow in the morning. Montana follows the official season starting dates more so than states farther south, so our outdoor summer shows don’t even start until July. This year, like I sometimes do, I’m getting a start on the season by heading south to do a show in May. (My more gung-ho artists friends often do shows in the south all winter long. I prefer to take a winter break.)

PICT0022Heading south, at least as far as I go, doesn’t guarantee good weather though. Several years ago I did the Brookside Art Annual in Kansas City the first week of May. The first day was canceled due to snow, the first they’d had that time of year in almost a century. I could have stayed home in Montana if I’d wanted that kind of abuse! (Usually by then the Midwest is more worried about tornadoes than snow.)

More recently I participated in the Downtown Denver Arts Festival later in May and had quite good weather. (Those booths more exposed to the wind that blew down one day might have a different opinion about the weather that weekend.) Of course Denver weather can be iffy this time of year too, but I’ve decided to head back and see what the weather gods throw at us this time.

If you’re in the Denver area, check out this top-rated Colorado show. It’s May 22-24 on the grounds of the Denver Performing Arts Complex. Bring your umbrella, sunscreen, your flip-flops, and a parka and play weather roulette with the artists.

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