May 18, 2015

The Sweetness of Doing Nothing At All

Dolce far niente or the sweetness of doing nothing at all, is a concept I greatly admire but have a hard time ever implementing myself. The painting by Angelo Morbelli in a recent Blue Lantern blog post here, is a nicely romantic illustration of the concept and would, had it been a photograph I’d taken, have been a great addition to my “Girl Reading a Book” series, later broadened and renamed Lectio. (Search for either title on this blog for examples, one of which is shown below.)

Angelo Morbelli + S'Avanza - Twlight + c1894-96 + + Galerie d'art moderne - VeronaTwilight
Angelo Morbelli

GIrlReadingABook20Girl Reading a Book #20
Larry Blackwood

POTD: 1,000 Buddhas

POTD: 1,000 Buddhas1,000 Buddhas
Arlee, Montana

At the Garden of a Thousand Buddhas. They don’t quite have 1,000 yet, but they’re buddha maker is working hard and they’re closing in on it.