POTD: Dirty Mouth

POTD: Dirty MouthDirty Mouth Bozeman, Montana 2014

A raven gleaning tidbits from the snow covered tailgait party area of the football stadium at Montana State University the day after their last home game of the season last Saturday.]]>

4 thoughts on “POTD: Dirty Mouth”

  1. I Just LOVE your raven/crow photos, Larry. You have a real affinity for these birds & capture their character & humor to a T! 🙂

    1. Thanks Kathy. It’s been a while since I’ve concentrated on following corvids around. I hope to do more of that in the next couple of months now that there is snow on the ground. I really like photographing them against the bright background of the snow, in spite of the obvious issues with the extreme dynamic range that presents itself it that setting.

  2. I second what Kathy said. I love this photo! The detail and the contrast are stunning. It looks like you got this guy to pose. I think that you are the corvid whisperer.

    1. Thanks Carol. I don’t know about the corvid whisperer part though. I’ve found it very difficult to get them to do what I tell them to most of the time!

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