POTD: The Color of Black

POTD: The Color of BlackThe Color of Black Bozeman, Montana 2014

This is the same raven as in the black and white image from two days ago. I processed this shot in color to show the beautiful subtle blue/purple shades that actually go into making a black raven black. I have two computer monitors that aren’t calibrated the same way, a laptop, and my smart phone that I can view images on and every one of them renders an image somewhat differently. In most cases the differences are relatively subtle, but for some like this one there are big differences. The colors look too subdued on one screen and too bright and saturated on another. So I struggled with the adjustments, trying to hit a happy medium on the look across the screens. Still I fear some of you will be thinking I might have well just done it in black and white as the colors aren’t very obvious at all while others will feel like I cranked up the colors to a garishly unbelievable point. Such is the life of an artist in the digital age.]]>