POTD: Bridge Rays

POTD: Bridge RaysBridge Rays Wichita, Kansas 2011

Those of you of the Wichita persuasion might recognize this as the railroad underpass on east Douglas downtown.]]>

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  1. I know not Wichita, but I love ancient steel like that. When were rivets last used to assemble steel girders? !!
    Ask the Internet and ye shall find:
    From 1840 onwards, riveted connections became the most important joining technique within different fields that followed and overlapped each others (sic). The use of rivets had experienced several – formal, constructional and theoretical -renewals and evolutions, being in phase with industrial and technical “brainwaves” [brain storms? – JR] of that time (e.g. new materials, manufacturing process,installation techniques,…). The heyday of rivets started to decline around 1930, supplanted step-by-step by another joining technique: electric arc welding.
    Above from an academic paper explains more than you ever wanted to know (or knew existed) about steel rivtet construction:
    ” Evolution of historical riveted connections: joining typologies, installation techniques andcalculation methods”
    Q. Collette, I. Wouters& L. Lauriks
    Department of Architectural Engineering (ARCH), Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium

    Cruise this site to see some very nice modern applications:
    . . . and a bit of illustrated riveting history:

    1. Jim, if you love ancient steel and rivets. I imagine the bridges over the Chicago River are an attraction to you. Lots of interesting patterns of rivets to catch the eye there.

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