Artist Statement for a Non-Art Exhibit

non-art exhibit needs a good artist statement. (Or should I say non-artist statement.) Here’s a good one for an exhibit I’m considering titled Contemporary Non-Photography*:

Contemporary Non-Photography is a meditation on the fragmentary nature of presence and the collision between external reality and the internal space of memory, daydreams, and the subconscious. The mundane, rote engagement, daily landscapes and moments of seemingly little import provide a vacancy and spaciousness allowing for psychological drifts into a presence of greater resonance. This body of work illuminates and in turn embraces these interstitial moments that make up the majority of ones life.

Contemporary Non-Photography considers how to describe this obfuscated reality. The images serve as keepsakes of a desire for presence within the poignant normalcy of life’s in-betweens.

*Except for the exhibit title I made up, this is a real artist statement I found in the book  Crusade For Your Art: Best Practices For Fine Art Photographers, by Jennifer Schwartz, Crusade Press. Kindle Edition. (It might be important to point out that it was presented in the book as an example of a bad artist statement. But that’s probably only because Ms. Schwartz was thinking outside the realm of the genre of non-art.)]]>

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