POTD: Mono-Mondrian #4

POTD: Mono-Mondrian #4Mono-Mondrian #4 Headwaters State Park, Montana 2014

The silence in regard to my musings about the artistic meaning and significance of these image is defining! 🙂 So I’ll just shut up, which is o.k. because I’ve run out of things to say about it anyway (at least for now). I will say that this more close-up and less busy image is one of my own personal favorites from the series.]]>

2 thoughts on “POTD: Mono-Mondrian #4”

  1. Larry, I had a thought about what might be appealing to you in these b&w photos but not Mondrain’s work. In some ways the “larger” views of the peeling paint seem almost like a scatter plot (not sure that’s the right term) where values are graphed as points across a grid rather than as lines or bars. Perhaps your statistician mind is responding to the patterns of the different groupings of remaining paint in the same way you would look at “clumps” on a scatter plot. After all, you did reference your statistics background for making the correlations between the 3 different “burghers” images you shared last week! 😉
    Either way, I think it is important to photograph what you like…note the similarity with Mondrain and wonder about your different responses to each…but it may not be necessary to “solve” the problem. 🙂

    1. Oh, that pesky statistical mind of mine creeping in again is it? Maybe I miss the statistics work more than I thought. Could be. But what I know for sure is the question about the different responses isn’t going to be answered by a statistical analysis!

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