POTD: Still the Same

POTD: Still the SameStill the Same Headwaters State Park 2014

By virtue of being in a flood plain which rendered development impractical (and now illegal) this land at the headwaters of the Missouri River is still basically the same (minus the encroachment in the lower left of the photo) as it was back in 1805 when Lewis and Clark first visited it.]]>

4 thoughts on “POTD: Still the Same”

  1. I like this. My favorite type of composition with the horizontals of the bushes. The colors are very pleasing, too. My perception of scale changed after figuring out the bushes were probably not hedge tree size rows, but maybe sage brush, making the vertical trees not quite so huge as well. Am I right?

    1. Thanks Betty. Actually the reddish or mauvish color bushes are red-twig dogwood, or something similar, and stand 5′-6′ high or higher. So your original impression of the sizes was probably closer to being correct.

  2. I agree with Betty that the colors are pleasing. Hues of yellow (and blue) and muted in saturation are my favorites. Andrew Wyeth’s color palette is a good example of what I like and this photo fits that. When I learned Wyeth mixed his own paints from organic pigments, I knew this was what lent his paintings their “down to earth” colors! 🙂

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