POTD: The Burghers of Snowville

POTD: The Burghers of SnowvilleThe Burghers of Snowville Bozeman, Montana 2014

Recently someone emailed me about my crow image The Burghers of Bozeman in my Opus Corvus exhibition currently at the Holter Museum of Art, which lead to a discussion of the famous Rodin sculpture The Burghers of Calais that inspired the name (see below). So it wasn’t surprising that when walking later that same day, I saw a distinct similarity in the arrangement of these snowmen. The story of the burghers of Calais that led to the Rodin sculpture is quit interesting and heroic. Read about it here.

 The_Burghers_of_Calais_-_Hirshhorn_Sculpture_GardenThe Burghers of Calais Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden Washington, DC (from Wikipedia)


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