April 2014

POTD: Sleeping Out

POTD: Sleeping OutSleeping Out Salt Lake City, Utah 2014

It’s almost May, so of course that means it’s a good time for a blizzard in Bozeman. I happened to be in an airplane five minutes from landing at the Bozeman airport when the storm hit. Visibility was so bad they turned the plane around and flew us back to Salt Lakc City, arriving about midnight. We’re supposed to head back to Bozeman at 7:00 a.m. but I see the winter storm warning lasts until 10:00 a.m., so who knows when I’ll get home. Since the problem was weather, Delta did not pay for hotels and there would have been time for only a few hours sleep anyway before returning to the airport so most folks opted to just stay in the airport. Delta did hand out water bottles, snacks, a little overnight kit, pillows and blankets. This guy has one of the more elaborate setups. I just lay on the hard floor and dozed off and on under the bright lights with all the cleaning crew industriously working around the area. I finally gave that up and now it seems I’ll be up for the duration.]]>

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POTD: Complicated Landing

POTD: Complicated LandingComplicated Landing Rapid City, South Dakota 2014

This is just a fractional view of the landing gear on a B52 bomber. If the controls of a simple moving part like the landing gear was this oddly complex–all it has to do is go up and down after all–it makes one wonder what the structure of the rest of the plane looks like and how reliable it would be with so many small parts that could malfunction. BUt it must have been just the right amount of complexity paired with a good deal of reliability as the B52 remained a mainstay of the Air Force for some 50 years–almost a geological age compared to the lifespan of a modern electronic device such as a computer or cell phone.]]>

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POTD: Abstract Abe

POTD: Abstract AbeAbstract Abe Black Hills, South Dakota 2014

I’ve been to Mt. Rushmore several times before, but I don’t remember seeing these abstract shapes on the left side of Abe’s head before. It’s almost like they had more work in mind but decided this was good enough. The circular piece of rock on the side of his head makes it seem like they were trying to depict him wearing headphones.]]>

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POTD: Dressing Up the Needles

POTD: Dressing Up the NeedlesDressing Up the Needles Black Hills, South Dakota 2014

The Fashion Queen hams it up on the Needles Highway near Mt. Rushmore. When we drove up to this spot on the highway, I realized I’d been here before–maybe 50 years ago on a family vacation. Although occasionally I’ve recalled a vague memory of being in such an area of pinnacled rocks as a kid, I thought it was in California or Nevada on another family trip. But when I saw this the other day, the jolt of memory was so vivid and exact, it had to be this place.]]>

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POTD: 618

POTD: 618618 Rapid City, South Dakota 2014

I’m back in Rapid City to pick up my Elevations exhibit that has been at the Dahl Art Center for the last two months. The Fashion Queen is with me this time so I took her to see the graffiti alley I photographed the last time I was here. She enjoyed it, as did I and I even found a few new photographs to take.]]>

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