POTD: Dressing Up the Needles

POTD: Dressing Up the NeedlesDressing Up the Needles Black Hills, South Dakota 2014

The Fashion Queen hams it up on the Needles Highway near Mt. Rushmore. When we drove up to this spot on the highway, I realized I’d been here before–maybe 50 years ago on a family vacation. Although occasionally I’ve recalled a vague memory of being in such an area of pinnacled rocks as a kid, I thought it was in California or Nevada on another family trip. But when I saw this the other day, the jolt of memory was so vivid and exact, it had to be this place.]]>

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  1. Larry,
    I find those moments when my memory being jolted to be quite the experience. Exhilarating in some respects as the ‘discovery’ occurs, but also shock and a sense of ‘questioning reality’ as I am forced to reconsider the accuracy of my memories. It’s these kinds of moments that expand my understanding of my human existence.

    1. Jeffrey, I think that “questioning reality” issue is why they say eye witness reports of crimes, accidents, etc. are so unreliable. I guess we filter everything through various memories, biases, etc. and come up with an often highly altered set of “facts.”

  2. If you are still driving around up there… To see the Crazy Horse Mem. for free, drive up the highway from Custer going toward the Memorial, turn at the first left turn past the Forest Supervisors office out of town. Should be on a “mountain subdivision type road” winding up a hillside. After you go a ways up there, you should be high enough to see the monument. They have a lot of work to go. A unique view of Mt. Rushmore can be had by driving past the monument going south on 244 maybe a mile, then when you can still discern the aspect of the mountain that the sculptures are on , pull off the road, walk maybe 30 yards through the trees and you get a great side view of Washington.

    1. Steve, we’re back home but thanks for the advice–maybe next time. We did see the Crazy Horse Memorial for free from the entrance where they probably don’t normally let you hang around but there wasn’t anyone around.
      I didn’t think there was anywhere along that highway, save one spot, where you can pull a car off the road. Now that I think of it though, I don’t think we went further south. Nice country around there, I wouldn’t mind going back. If/when that happens, I’ll be sure to check both spots out.

  3. Larry, with your “jolt of memory . . . vivid and exact” you just experienced one of Proust’s attacks of “involuntary memory”.

    1. Jan, that’s exactly what I had. I’ve experienced them before, but never quite as exact as this one. Interesting that a literary author coined a term that has drawn so much scientific interest.

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