POTD: The Whole World's a Canvas

POTD: The Whole World's a CanvasThe Whole World’s a Canvas Rapid City, South Dakota 2014

The whole world’s a canvas…or at least the part that’s reachable is.


3 thoughts on “POTD: The Whole World's a Canvas”

  1. Larry, There’s so much variety in these paintings! Did you notice any of them changing or being painted over during the time you were photographing?

    1. Kathy, it was a cold and windy day when I was photographing that alley so no one in their right mind would have been spending any more time out there than they had to–unless like me they thought that’s what it means to suffer for your art!

  2. How ironic that the weather was bad! The photos do not suggest this in any way. In fact, I associate this type of graffiti with southern CA, so it’s a real shock to imagine a cold windy day with this in view!

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