POTD: Smokin'

POTD: Smokin'Smokin’ Rapid City, South Dakota 2104


3 thoughts on “POTD: Smokin'”

  1. This is a cool alley! Too often 100 year old downtown alleys look shabby, unsanitary, dark and dingy; I guess real estate agents are right, a coat of paint and this alley has curb appeal. If only the smoker had a spray paint can in her other hand when you took this shot……

    1. Steve, if she’d had a spray paint can she might of sprayed my lens. I don’t think she was that comfortable with being photographed–at least she disappeared pretty quickly when she saw the camera pointed in her direction. I was really just trying to photograph the alley walls when she stepped out into the shot.

  2. Larry, the little robot dude on the trash can is from the videogame Portal. I got a kick out of that.

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