POTD: Sacré Coeur From Rue Saint Rustique

POTD:  Sacré Coeur From Rue Saint Rustique  Sacré Coeur From Rue Saint Rustique Paris, France 2013

Wandering around Montmartre one night, I remembered a painting of Sacré Coeur by Maurice Utrillo, so for grins I tried to duplicate it as closely as I could remember by memory. Ignoring that my photo was taken at night rather than during the daytime, I think I did pretty well. Here’s his painting, see what you think:


Church of Le Sacre-Coeur, from Rue Saint-Rustique Maurice Utrillo 1938


2 thoughts on “POTD: Sacré Coeur From Rue Saint Rustique”

  1. Nice job, Larry, despite the difference in time of day. At first glance the street looks very modern, not at all like the painting. Until you look above the first story to the second and third floors. Then the foreground buildings seem unchanged from 80 yeas ago.

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