Once More With the A vs O Controversy

Ajo Gas #3 Creston Junction, Wyoming 2012


7 thoughts on “Once More With the A vs O Controversy”

  1. Okay…you’ve convinced me that first letter is an “a”. Just consider that the painter took artistic license when he changed the name/letter. 🙂

    1. Kathy, my guess is that Blessing painted from a small photograph of the scene which lacked sufficient resolution to distinguish between the a and the o in the sign. Your other question about the missing letters is of interest now. I wonder how to track that down.

    1. Has every little thing out there been documented, and multiple times? I used to say there’s no such thing as an original photograph of Paris, but who’d have thought I could say the same thing about some podunk, defunct, derelict gas station in the middle of Wyoming.

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