Gas Station Names: We Report You Decide

Ajo Gas #2 Creston Junction, WY 2012


4 thoughts on “Gas Station Names: We Report You Decide”

  1. Have to say it looks like “ojo” to me. Sometimes you can get a clue by figuring out what the missing letters were, though if the first one were M it wouldn’t help much….Kathy

  2. Now seeing this picture, I would agree it is an “a”. It is now easier for me to see there are some missing letters, which for some reason I didn’t notice before. I think the sign originally said: “Major”, but not really sure the last remnant of a letter looks a little weird to be an “r”

    1. Another vote for Major Gas. That brings a whole new meaning to that old sign you used to see at gas stations (maybe still do): “All major credit cards accepted.”

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