POTD: Day as Night

Day as Night Budapest, Hungary 2011

I took this photo because of the interesting clouds the sun was trying poke it’s way through in the middle of the day. A little contrast and brightness adjustment on the computer turned it into a dark, moody scene worthy of an old Dracula movie. Perhaps not coincidentally, on the building behind me was a bust of Bela Lugosi, a local boy made good. (Transylvania used to be a part of Hungary.)]]>

5 thoughts on “POTD: Day as Night”

  1. You really did a nice job on this. I love the mood you’ve created. Did you shoot this with the dark interpretation in mind or did you decide during PP to do it this way? Sometimes when I shoot I have an idea in mind, at other times it comes to me later. BTW I just posted a picture for you that we talked about last fall.

    1. Thanks Bruce. I knew I would make the print darker than it actually was (that’s usually the way it goes with such cloud and sun images for me) but didn’t really think it was going to come out looking like the moon at night as Judy pointed out.
      I’ve been finalizing the images for my Patriot’s Dream exhibition this summer here in Bozeman and so far my dumpster image has not made the cut. If the lighting and composition in mine were as good as in yours, it would definitely be in the show. (That’s my way of saying I like yours better than mine–rats!) I also really liked your Rock Pool image as well, very nicely done.

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