January 2012

POTD: Late-Breaking News

Late-Breaking News Budapest, Hungary 2011

A couple of guys hanging around a news-stand on the street perhaps getting more news directly from the proprietor than from the publications he sells.


POTD: Shortcut

Shortcut Budapest, Hungary 2011

This walkway was a dimly lit shortcut from a busy main street to the more sedate neighborhood where we were staying in Budapest. Except for the occasional rogue photographer lurking in the shadows, it seemed a safe enough route to take, even at night.]]>

POTD: Homelight

Homelight Budapest, Hungary 2011

The welcome light from our apartment after a walk one evening casting a nice geometric pattern on the balcony walkway.


POTD: Someone Reading a Book

Someone Reading a Book Budapest, Hungary 2011

Originally I took this photo thinking it would be a great addition to my Girl Reading a Book series. Now, after brightening up the image on the computer, I’m thinking it’s a guy rather than a woman. It was so dark on the street I couldn’t really tell when I took the photo. Whatever their gender I give the person credit for being able to read in such dim light–and for doing something constructive while panhandling rather than just sit there and stare at nothing like a lot of them do. (I’m just assuming here that the subject matter of whatever he/she is reading could be construed as constructive on some level.)]]>

POTD: Beyond the Veil #7

Beyond the Veil #7 Budapest, Hungary 2011

This particular partially veiled person isn’t so mysterious to me, or maybe she is.


POTD: Beyond the Veil #6

Beyond the Veil #6 Szentendre, Hungary 2011

So I’m wondering, does it make sense to expand this series to include photos that show much obscured faces? I think they can be seen as fitting together, although it makes me less happy about the choice of series title.


POTD: Beyond the Veil #5

Beyond the Veil #5 Budapest, Hungary 2011

Another inanimate veiled character from the flea market that got me started on this series.]]>

POTD: Beyond the Veil #4

POTD: Beyond the Veil #4 Budapest, Hungary 2011

This guy’s pose sort of reminds me of a classic shot of Dracula hiding behind his cape–only he forgot his cape.]]>