January 5, 2012

The Worst Photography Book Ever

Photographs Not Taken “is a collection of photographers’ essays about failed attempts to make a picture.” Heck I don’t need a bunch of experts to tell me how to mess up photo ops–I do fine in that regard on my own, thank you very much. Perhaps there are in fact some pearls of wisdom in this book but I’m not going to shell out the fifteen bucks to find out. It reminds me too much of the photography exhibit I didn’t quite get to see and the song about the grunge band that got famous by refusing to sing songs, which I blogged about here some time ago.  ]]>

POTD: Watching the Watcher

Watching the Watcher Budapest, Hungary 2011

The docents at the museums in Budapest were uniformly more aggressive at monitoring visitors to make sure they didn’t get into mischief than about any I’ve seen. They weren’t rude at all, but it was obvious they had their eye on you. Even though I had no designs on malice to the art or anything, it made me feel a bit paranoid after a while–l felt like I was being watched even when no one else was around.