POTD: Stories of the West

Stories of the West
Garnet, Montana


2 thoughts on “POTD: Stories of the West”

  1. Stephen+Johnson

    Looks like the “wallpaper” or wall sealing material used back in the day. I recall walls that were covered with news of the day on Tin Cup Pass in Colorado at an old mining shack at timberline back in the early 70’s. Seems like those newspapers were from the 1800s or early 1900s. Do you have any better recollection?

    1. I remember the newspaper covers walls but not their dates. If you zoom in on this photo you can actually read some of the text. Its from a novel. That and the drawing of the gun is what made me think of the title. I imagine if you went back to Tin Cup Pass today there’d be a lot less of those newspapers to read–it was a long time ago that we were there!

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