POTD: Get Fired Up

Get Fired Up
Butte, Montana

4 thoughts on “POTD: Get Fired Up”

  1. Eleven years ago Butte looked like a Ghost Town. Is it still that way? I’m enjoying your “uninhabited” images of the town.

    1. It hasn’t really changed much since that time. I believe I was photographing on a weekend, which would explain why the downtown area seemed so empty in the photos. But still, like a lot of cities, the downtown area is struggling to stay anywhere near what would be called vibrant. All the more viable economic activity is occurring in the outlying areas.

      1. I remember when I was young we would get dressed up to go “downtown”. (Guess that’s aging me 😄) Enjoying your POTDs!

        1. That you used to get dressed up to go somewhere perhaps dates you more than going downtown does. These days casual dress seems to be the standard for everything: funerals, church, weddings, job interviews, you name it. Not saying there’s anything wrong with that just that “back in the old days” it would be unthinkable.

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