POTD: Creation Myth #3

Creation Myth #3
Bozeman, Montana

I’ve been fooling around with the ideas for this one for about a month and have been actively working on it on much of the last week, finishing it yesterday on a dreary, dark solstice. Or at least I think I’m finished with it. With these things you never know.

Addendum: I drafted this post early in the day yesterday when it was in fact dark and dreary. However, come sunset there was a break in the clouds in the west. Besides providing a lovely  sunset, a dark cloud in the southwest sitting over the top of Jupiter and Saturn moved away just in time to provide a very clear view of their conjunction. A very pleasant surprise given our overcast weather of late and a nice note to help help usher in the close of this troublesome year. (In spite of it being an historical event,the first time in some 800 years they have been visible when this close, I did not go out to photograph it, just to view it. I will enjoy photos posted on the internet by folks with much better equipment and better skills at astrophotography than I have.)


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