POTD: Weapons in the War of Words

POTD: Weapons in the War of WordsWeapons in the War of Words
Victoria, British Columbia

I thought this old typewriter resembled some kind of dangerous weapon. In fact, it might have been, in a metaphorical sense.

5 thoughts on “POTD: Weapons in the War of Words”

  1. Then I will set this WMD as my desktop background as I draft legal documents! My keyboard doesn’t make as dramatic a noise as this typewriter probably did.

    1. Make sure you use that weapon for good, not evil! (When composing the title, I had Woody Guthrie in mind–in 1941 he painted the phrase “this machine kills fascists” on his guitar to go along with his protest songs.) As far as the sound, surely there’s an app out there that can make every keyboard click sound like a gunshot–let’s them know you mean business!

  2. That is an incredible machine! Definitely looks threatening with all that spiky chrome! Well chosen title…again! 😉

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