POTD: Caravan

POTD: CaravanCaravan
Bozeman, Montana

The background of this composite image is a close-up shot from a couple of years ago of part of a sculpture at the Seattle Art Museum. It was the pyramid shape that lead me to create the image and call it Caravan. (At first glance, the Fashion Queen thought she was looking at camels.)

Staying with the pyramid interpretation, I see the fading shadow and the darker marks in the upper left quadrant of the image as an approaching sandstorm. That made me think perhaps the caravan ought to be disappearing into the storm. That led to the version of the image below. If you care to, let me know in the comments which you prefer. I’m quite torn between the two myself.


3 thoughts on “POTD: Caravan”

  1. Inspired idea! 🙂

    I vote for the first image. While I understand the idea of an approaching sandstorm, it seems like it would be in the distance back by the pyramid and not affecting the caravan yet. I like being able to see more of the birds. It reinforces the idea of “caravan” for me.

  2. Not being the informed art person my sister was – I go with what I like. I like the bottom one of them disappearing into the storm

    1. Thanks Kathy and Barbara. And Barbara, you don’t need a sister to tell you what you like! On a critical level, I think they both make sense.

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