POTD: Vintage Trouble

POTD: Vintage TroubleVintage Trouble
Bozeman, Montana

The graphic in the center is the Chinese symbol for crows, ravens, and also corvids in general I believe.

6 thoughts on “POTD: Vintage Trouble”

  1. You need a “Like” button on your blog so I can easily click it for these crow composites. Love that the magpie made an appearance too!

    1. Kathy, at your suggestion I just looked into a Facebook like button for WordPress blogs; found one and tried it but it does not seem to be working. I’ll look at some others later. But I don’t want to have a like button discourage folks like you from commenting on the blog. An actual comment is better than a simple like any day (Unless your of a much younger generation than I am, then maybe it doesn’t matter!)

  2. I have always wished there was a “Like” button here, too. I don’t usually have something to say, except “I like it!”

  3. I was not necessarily looking for a FB like button, just that I immediately liked this image and would click such. But I can do that on my FB feed. 🙂 And I agree that written comments are more satisfying for both parties. Just love your affinity for the corvids, no matter what pictorial form they take.

    1. Connie, well, the long history of corvids getting into trouble of various kinds is some argument for the title’s appropriateness. The inspiration (or theft) for using the name came from watching Austin City Limits while I was working on this post and the very good blues/soul/rock band Vintage Trouble happened to be performing.

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