February 2016

POTD: Circle of Confusion

POTD: Circle of ConfusionCircle of Confusion
Omaha, Nebraska

This is the jammed-up business end of the typewriter in the POTD from three days ago. I think the way the mechanics work is that the circular carriage of arms rotates when you press a letter on the keyboard to line that particular arm up with the paper. That’s a lot of movement between keystrokes. It seems like it would take a lot of effort to rotate the carriage by pressing a key and I can’t imagine being able to type very fast on this machine. Still, I’d probably be faster on it than I am trying to type an email on my smart phone with my thumbs.

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POTD: Free Association

20160223_141558Free Association
I-90 Rest Stop, South Dakota

You know when you’re traveling you see someone who reminded you strongly of someone back home but of course it wasn’t them because, well you’re away from home? Apparently that works for inanimate objects as well, because when I saw this sink in the men’s room at a highway rest stop, I immediately thought of Wallace of Wallace and Gromit fame:

Wallace-Gromit-movie-01If you’re not familiar with Wallace and Gromit film shorts, they are well worth a watch. One of my favorites is The Wrong Trousers.

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POTD: The Necessities

POTD: The NecessitiesThe Necessities
Garnett, Kansas

A roof over our heads and, most importantly, we’ve got satellite TV. Actually it’s hard to fault anyone for adding satellite TV to a setting like this. What better way to transcend less than desirable surroundings than escaping into some TV world for a while. (Well, reading works for that too, but you get the point.)

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POTD: OneOne
Butte, Montana

Being No. 1 doesn’t always mean you’re on top. Actually, as much as anything, I took this photo because I found the color palette pleasing.

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