POTD: The Roost

POTD: The RoostThe Roost
Bozeman, Montana

I’m going to move away from the China photos now in favor of some composite images I’ve been working on. If you want to see more of the China photos, I’m working on galleries on my website. There are still a couple of collections to go yet but there’re a lot to look at there that have not appeared as POTDs. Check it out here.

I call this image the roost as I envision this being a flock of crows (murder if you will) gathering for the evening. All of the crows shown were photographed on wires, sometimes in groups, but not necessarily as close together as they are here. The background is actually made of two layers. The first (the one that shows the concentric rings, suggesting sunlight radiating through clouds) was actually a pattern I saw on the lid of a trashcan in a park one day. The other image is of spray paint patterns on cardboard that I posted as a separate POTD a couple of years ago. (See it here, and an explanation for why it’s called “The Process” here.)

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