November 2015

POTD: Corner Guardians

POTD: Corner GuardiansCorner Guardians
Shanghai, China

The terms gargoyle and grotesque are most commonly associated (in my mind and on the internet as well it seems) with European Gothic architecture, but they also apply to the mythical figures that appear on traditional Chinese buildings.


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POTD: Sunday in Old Town

POTD: Sunday in Old TownSunday in Old Town
Shanghai, China

This was the edge Old Town in Shanghai. The streets inside were packed with people, mostly shoppers looking for bargains. There were a lot of tourists there, not many Europeans or Americans though, mostly visitors from other parts of China I think.

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POTD: Black Friday 2 for 1 Special

My brother said I should offer a two-for-one Black Friday Special today. Being nothing if not obliging, I decided to accommodate the request. Here you go Randy, two POTDs for the price of one.

POTD: Black Friday 2 for 1 Special1,000 Buddha Stone
Shanghai, China

It was a big stone (not all of which is visible here) and there were Buddhas carved on both sides so there could have been 1,000 of them as the name advertises.

FJ7836Looking Up
Shanghai, China

There was a circular skylight four flights up above this circular tile pattern on the floor of the Shanghai Museum. Photographing the skylight was almost a universal reaction by anyone who happened to look up at it from there. I say almost universal because I stood on that spot and looked up but didn’t take a photo. Instead I climbed to the fourth floor and photographed a few of the folks who did.


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