POTD: Corner Guardians

POTD: Corner GuardiansCorner Guardians
Shanghai, China

The terms gargoyle and grotesque are most commonly associated (in my mind and on the internet as well it seems) with European Gothic architecture, but they also apply to the mythical figures that appear on traditional Chinese buildings.


2 thoughts on “POTD: Corner Guardians”

  1. The unique style of pre-20th century (?) architecture associated with Chinese buildings that include the up thrust, almost prow-like corners that this shot reminds me of, poses the question to me, how cum? Did you learn of any functional or cultural reason for that style?

    1. Steve, I have no clue as to the origin of that style–I didn’t have any opportunities to do much other than observe. Well, we did tour an architect school one day; I guess I could have corralled the appropriate person there and asked them. It’s hard to imagine a functional purpose for those corners, so I’d guess something cultural.

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