POTD: Sunday in Old Town

POTD: Sunday in Old TownSunday in Old Town
Shanghai, China

This was the edge Old Town in Shanghai. The streets inside were packed with people, mostly shoppers looking for bargains. There were a lot of tourists there, not many Europeans or Americans though, mostly visitors from other parts of China I think.

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  1. What makes this part of Shanghai “old” compared to other parts? Has it just not been modernized with electricity, plumbing, etc.?

    1. The architecture is what is old, very classic Chinese style. It’s origin dates back some 1,000 years but there are even some modern buildings mixed in with the old ones now. The interiors of the buildings have been converted by and large into a retail area where you can buy everything from expensive clothes, jade sculptures etc. down to dirt cheap tourist trinkets. With the large number of tourists frequenting the place, it is full of shysters trying to sell you fake Rolex watches and the like to young college age “visiting students from another part of China” who ask you to take their photo with their phone for them and then get into a friendly conversation in which the eventually try to scam you into attending a “traditional tea ceremony” with them only to disappear part way through leaving you holding the bag for a highly jacked up bill for the scam ceremony. Two sets of kids approached me with that scheme, each giving me basically the same story about their visit to town and the tea ceremony.

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