POTD: Ominous Architecture

POTD: Ominous ArchitectureOminous Architecture
Shanghai, China

This is about the most sinister looking building I think I’ve ever seen. (Note the steam rising from around the ball.)

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  1. Hi Larry,

    I’m a fan of the “Lord of the Ring” movies that came out a few years ago. If you haven’t seen them, just try Googling, “sauron eye movie” and look at the images that come up. I think you’ll see a striking resemblance to your photo, and in case you didn’t know, Sauron is the bad guy in the movie/book, so sinister is appropriate.

    1. That’s why that building looked so familiar! I’ve seen those movies and you are right about the resemblance. At night, the way the building is lit up, and with the steam rising around the ball, it looks even more sinister. Too bad I didn’t get a shot of that. (Hard enough to get the daytime shot since I had to do it from a moving bus.)

  2. I felt like I had seen that feature on a building before, but when I did a google search of the image nothing comes up. I figured, I would at least find other photos of the same building but if they are on the internet, Google doesn’t recognize them as being similar to your photo. Kind of weird.

  3. By the way I like your photo better. Evidently it is a Marriott Hotel. I was looking at it on Marriott’s website and originally thought the rooms were extremely expensive until I realized the price was in Chinese Yuan, so instead of 1000s of dollars it is “only” $200-$400 per night.

    1. Randy, thanks for doing all that research! 🙂 Actually, when I first saw that building in Shanghai, I had the feeling I’d actually been in a similar building somewhere in this country–actually been up on the top of the building. But I have no idea where that might have been–other than in a dream or something.

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