POTD: The Still Pond

FJ8549The Still Pond
Hangzhou, China

around the still pond
gently falling rain drops hang
ripples in the trees

2 thoughts on “POTD: The Still Pond”

  1. Didn’t you used to do haiku poetry with a few of your photos? I love this photo and the poem – particularly the way the poem twists the location of the ripples while still making complete sense.

    Coincidentally, I recently saw a haiku retreat announced, run by some of my heroes – Natalie Goldberg, Joan Halifax – and I was tempted, but it just won’t fit into my life. So, I ordered from the library the two books that are required reading, and now I’m steeping in Basho, Buson, and Issa haiku. Writing in a structure is fun, isn’t it?

    1. Yes I did and still do write haiku to go with some of my photos, but only when it just happens. In this case I was walking in this beautiful park in a light rain thinking about how wonderful that little niche of China was when the idea for the haiku just came to me. Haiku isn’t a big thing in China, at least traditionally, but the do have their own short structured forms of poems. Being more familiar with the haiku structure, I went with that. I like writing in a structured form in part because it really narrows the range of possibilities as to what you can do. Sometimes a narrow range of choices is a good thing–too much choice can lead to indecision and paralysis.

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