POTD: Tobermory Cat

POTD: Tobermory CatTobermory Cat
Tobermory, Scotland

I took this quick shot because I thought it was kind of funny that a cat would choose to snooze atop a car right on the main drag in Tobermory–not that it’s a particularly busy street, but it does get more traffic than any other. As it turned out, we saw it almost daily the whole week we were there. It’s also somewhat of a local celebrity and popular among tourists. The shops along the street all have postcards featuring the cat and the bookstore even had a photo book with a pretty decent collection of images of it in various poses around town.

Someone told us the cat actually belonged to the distillery down at the end of the street. I imagine it has a name other than the Tobermory cat,  but we never heard what it was.

5 thoughts on “POTD: Tobermory Cat”

    1. It’s funny that a “fictional character (per Wikipedia) can actually die. Perhaps I should have titled my post “A Tobermory Cat”, or even “A Cat in Tobermory” to avoid trademark infringement!

  1. Tobermory Cat is essentially like Grumpy Cat ( if you know that work). Both are viral branding works so were created to share across the internet. Despite being told, some people seem unwilling to accept that a photograph and photoshop may serve to tell a story just as a drawing can.
    One must assume newspapers are gullible or perhaps too quick to report bad news. Certainly The Herald has not correct their mistake. The good news is despite their declaring a creative work dead Tobermory Cat is still alive and kicking. Creative works can be quite resilient.

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