POTD: Leaving a Good Impression

POTD: Leaving a Good ImpressionLeaving a Good Impression
Green Valley, Arizona

A close-up shot of an agave. It’s interesting that the shape of the actual sawtooth barbs on the edge of the leaves is mimicked on the surface of the leaves as well. I thought it might be some odd evolutionary vestige or remnant characteristic but I looked it up and found out otherwise. Agave grow as unfolding rosettes, with the outer leaves being the oldest and according to Wikipedia “As the leaves unfold from the center of the rosette, the impression of the marginal spines is conspicuous on the still erect younger leaves.” I think it’s kind of like when you take off snug-fitting socks and for some time after the impression of the sock ribs remains molded into your skin. I think such impressions on agave are more photogenic than sock marks–at least if it’s my legs we’re talking about.

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