A Six-Pack of LensWork

LensWork magazine. LensWork is generally considered to be the best publication in the photography business by people like me, i.e., followers of what you might call the old school of photography (no post-modern crap allowed). Well, the distant future turned out to be only six months away; by the end of the year I had two separate portfolios accepted at the same time. I’m still not sure where I got the gumption to submit not just one but two portfolios at the same time. That was great, but the rather immediate success left me wondering what to shoot for next. I’m still miles away from that offer of a solo exhibit at MOMA.  (A guy can dream can’t he?) So I’ve continued to submit to LensWork on occasion. I’m pleased to announce that they have just accepted my sixth portfolio, which will appear in the January/February issue. I am just really lucky that Brooks Jensen (the editor) and company are apparently dialed into an aesthetic quite similar to my own, and I thank them for giving me so much press space over the last seven years. This new LensWork portfolio deals with the subject of books and reading. If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ve seen many examples of this theme over the years. Get a look or refresh your memory by entering the word “Lectio” in the search bar on the blog (click here).]]>

10 thoughts on “A Six-Pack of LensWork”

  1. Congratulations. By the way I like your recent winter photos. And you rates are quite reasonable, $29 compared to Peter Lik’s recent $6.5 million price tag for his work titled “Phantom” It’s a nice photo, but a bit out of my price range.

    1. Thanks Randy. I find it interesting that while Lik’s “Phantom” sold for $6.5 million, he sells photos on his web site for as little as $195. If my cheapest prints were priced at .00003 times my most expensive ones like his are, I’d almost have to pay people to take them.

  2. Excellent news! And congratulations. I look forward to seeing this portfolio in my Lenswork copy, especially since it is a subject I’m particularly fond of….reading, that is!

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