POTD: Exhale

Glenarm Forest Park
County Antrim, Northern Ireland

Fungus on this tree-stump sculpture makes it looks like a sleeping giant exhaling on a cold day. Either that or he feel asleep while smoking, in which case I hope his giant-sized cigarette doesn’t set the woods on fire.

POTD: A Dark Day at Slemmish

A Dark Day at Slemmish
The Cuttings, County Antrim
Northern Ireland

This is what Slemmish, the mountain we see from the cottage where we are currently staying, looked like when we first got here last Saturday. Two days later we climbed it in bright sunshine and fortunately it has been sunny every day since. We don’t necessarily expect the weather to stay this way forever (we are in Ireland after all) but are really enjoying it for now.

POTD: Sean’s

Athlone, County Roscommon

Sean’s Bar claims to be the oldest pub in Europe, with a certificate from the Guinness World Records to back it up. The building dates back to 900 A.D. and they have a continuous record of the owners of the bar since that time (including a short stint of ownership by Boy George). It seemed like a good place to enjoy our first pint of Guinness in Ireland. The large collection of U.S. dollar bills taped above the bar let us know we are not the first Americans to have a drink there.

POTD: El Morro

El Morro
El Morro National Monument, New Mexico

It occurred to me that I’d been showing all these close-up shots of El Morro without ever setting the stage by showing the big picture of the area. So here it is. The area with all the inscriptions I’ve been showing is along the base of the wall directly in the center of the photo.

POTD: The Odd Couple

The Odd Couple
El Morro National Monument, New Mexico

Today we are on our way to Ireland for a month. Once we get settled over there I will start posting POTDs from the Emerald Isle. Until then, I will continue to post photos from our New Mexico trip even though it always feels strange to me to be posting photos from someplace that I don’t live while I’m in yet another place that I don’t live. Too confusing!

Given the time difference between Montana and Ireland and that my usual routine will be disrupted, who knows what time of day the POTDs will actually appear, but they will show up sooner or later.

POTD: Social Media #26

Social Media #26
El Morro National Monument, New Mexico

Given what graffiti looks like today, I’m having a hard time imagining P. Gilmer painstakingly carving his name in block letters 160 years ago. In addition to his carving, there were others on the rocks done in carefully carved elegant calligraphy. Penmanship was obviously a much bigger deal back then, at least for some.

Besides his penmanship, Breckinridge’s other claim to fame was that he was part of an army expedition testing the usefulness of camels in crossing the deserts in the Southwest. While the expedition’s leader, Lt. Edward Beale wrote of success with the camels, the Army canceled the program when the Civil War started a few years later.