POTD: Done Fighting

Done Fighting
Butte, Montana

I’ve started spending some covid-19 downtime going back through my archive of photos to do some more culling, cataloging and keywording, sort of a digital housecleaning exercise. In the process I’ve come up with some photos I’ve not worked with before, so I’m doing so now. That’s why you’ll see some pretty old dates on a lot of the POTDs for a while. This is a win-win situation as not only am I giving some old photos some attention, they are also helping fill a new photo gap caused by my recent dearth of travel. Currently I’m working through photos from back in 2009, so you might say these images have mellowed a while.


POTD: Creation Myth #2

Creation Myth #2
Bozeman, Montana

My latest composite image. I thought it might be interesting to some folks to see what photos were used in making up this image. There were eight of them altogether and I’ve posted them below. Where they fit into the final image is pretty obvious for all of them except perhaps the last one which may take a bit more study to figure out.


POTD: Grassy Gateway

Grassy Gateway
Makoshika State Park, Montana

A section of the trail I described in yesterday’s POTD before the point where the horses led me astray.

POTD: Practical Jokers

Practical Jokers
Makoshika State Park, Montana

I hiked a little used trail in Makoshika that was hard to follow in spots. However, when it came up out of the bare badlands onto a large expanse of grass covered mesas and  hills it became much easier to follow as the grass was worn and trampled. Even when the trail seemed to split I was confident I made the correct turn–until I came around a corner and saw these ladies running from me. It turns out I was just on one of a number of horse trails in the area. Rather than backtrack to try and find the human-made tail, I figured I was going in more or less the right direction so continued to follow the horse trail to the edge of the mesa I was on. From there I could see a trail sign in a saddle down below. So the detour was not big deal, except it did take some unpleasant bushwhacking through tangles of juniper trees to actually get back on track. I could image the horses having a good laugh over fooling another hiker.