POTD: Moy Castle

POTD: Moy CastleMoy Castle
Lochbuie, Scotland

A compact little castle a short coastal walk from sleepy Lochbuie where the old post office (a small rock building about 10’x12′ in size) at the parking area is now a self-serve snack and meat shop–take what you want, put your money in the lock-box slot (the tray of coins next to it is for change if you’re due).

POTD: Dogs Home Fund

POTD: Dogs Home FundDog Home Fund
Tobermory, Scotland

Acting in his own self-interest no doubt, this dog was posing on top of the wall to draw attention to the donation bucket. Down the street, an van belonging to the Tobermory Otter Fund was parked. There was a slot in the side of the van where you could drop donation money. To draw attention to it, they had a fake otter hanging off the side of the van. It did draw attention, but not to the extent theĀ  live dog model did. One of the biggest issues they have with the otters on Mull is the number that get run over in the roads every year. Perhaps they should have put that stuffed otter under the wheel of the van. That would have certainly drawn more attention.

POTD: The Narrow Road

POTD: The Narrow RoadThe Narrow Road
Isle of Mull, Scotland

The good news is that most, if not all, of the major roads on Mull are paved. The bad news is that this is how wide many of them are. And they’re two way roads, and there are often bushes on both sides, and blind hills and corners, and ditch drop-offs or walls right at the edge of the pavement. I think the roads are so narrow here that if you collected all the asphalt into one place it would hardly be enough to pave they typical Walmart Super Center parking lot in the U.S.

There are little pull-outs scattered along the roads where one car can pull over to let another pass. If you see one between you and an oncoming car then either you or they pull in and let the other pass. If you meet someone between pull-outs, then one of you has to back up to one.

This all works surprisingly efficiently unless there is too much traffic. Our landlady told us that once a garbage truck meet up with a camper van in a steep area and neither wanted to back up to a pull-out for fear of backing off the road. So they had a standoff while traffic began to back up on both sides of them exacerbating the problem. The police finally arrived and spent several hours unraveling everything and getting folks on their way again.

POTD: The Night Before

POTD: The Night BeforeThe Day Before
Tobermory, Scotland

This was the moon the day before it was eaten by the eclipse last night or should I say this morning; here in Scotland the eclipse occurred in the wee early hours well after midnight.

POTD: Love Boot

POTD: Love BootLove Boot
Calgary, Isle of Mull, Scotland

Notice that the roof on the little hut in the background is an old boat. There are several other roofs in the area comprised at least partly of a boat. That’s an interesting twist to recycling.

POTD: Boat Bumpers

POTD: Boat BumpersBoat Bumpers
Greenoch, Scotland

If you’ve wondered about the odd timing of the POTD posts the last couple of days (compared to my usual pattern) it’s because we’re in Scotland, seven time zones east of Montana. This change in posting times will likely continue until we return home in three weeks.

At least some of you I know are saying right now, he traveled all the way to Scotland and that’s the first thing he decided to point his camera at? What can I say except guilty as charged. After our first trip here fifteen years ago, I took a bunch of photos I’d printed to a print shop to get them bound into a book. They’re comment was “These aren’t the usual vacation pictures we see.” They didn’t say whether that was intended as a compliment or not.