POTD: Rose Hips

Rose Hips
Headwaters State Park, Montana

Even in the largely treeless parts of Montana there are brilliant fall colors to be seen–you just have to look a bit closer. While this photo was taken on a sixty degree sunny day, it followed some stormy below zero weather. This caused the wrinkled appearance on the rose hips.

POTD: Good Spot

Good Spot
World Museum of Mining
Butte, Montana

Even though the sun was shining it was a cold, blustery day when I was at the World Museum of Mining and I was uncomfortable the whole time because I did not dress warmly enough. So when I came around the corner and saw this cat curled up in the sun out of the wind, I was quite tempted to go share it’s spot for a while. I did not figure it would appreciate the intrusion though so I soldiered on in the cold.