POTD: Someone’s Got to Do It

POTD: Someone's Got to Do ItSomeone’s Got to Do It
Jiayuguan, China

At the west end of the Great Wall of China in Jiayuguan, they have a small herd of camels that tourists can ride around on in what amounts to a gravel covered empty lot. That did not seem like much fun to me so I did not go for a ride. Even less fun would have been what the folks with the shovels in the background are doing–picking up after the camels on a hot day.

POTD: China Street Life #12

POTD: China Street Life #12China Street Life #12
Jiuquan, China

Some of the exercise groups I observed used props of some sort or the other in their routines. I’ve seen them use umbrellas, sashes, and in this case swords. You don’t want to be standing too close to your partners in your group with these!