POTD: 65 to White

65 to White
Bozeman, Montana

I wish I could say this photo was leftover from “last” winter, but I’m afraid last is not the proper descriptor. This was taken in the early evening the day before yesterday. Earlier in the day it was sunny and 65 degrees. Snow can be beautiful any time of the year; it’s just harder to appreciate other than on an aesthetic basis in April compared to December.


POTD: Xerifountain

Salt Lake City, Utah

What’s the most appropriate type of decorative fountain for a dry climate? One that looks like it has water flowing from it but actually doesn’t of course.


POTD: Is This Art #2

Is This Art #2
Washington, D.C.

Like the POTD from two days ago this photo is also from the Hirshorn Museum. I believe there is only one piece of art in this photo, the painting on the right. However, I found the dark doorway on the left an equally compelling composition. It is unusual that the information tag for the painting was actually placed just to the right of the doorway rather than next to the painting. Perhaps the installer was a little confused as to which was which, or perhaps I am.