POTD: Becalmed

Judith Gap, Montana

I’ve driven past the wind farm at Judith Gap many times but last week was the first time I’ve ever seen them not moving at all. I couldn’t help but wish for the usual often strong wind thinking it might have blown away some of the thick smoke that can be seen obscuring the more distant structures. But perhaps it’s just as well it was still as the wind could just as likely blown even more smoke into the area.

POTD: Nothing To See Here Folks

Nothing To See Here Folks
Missouri River Breaks, Montana

The view out on the prairies of eastern Montana can become pretty monotonous, especially when thick smoke from the west coast fires obscures the view of the mountains in the distance. So when a strange creature ambles by they attract the rapt attention of all the locals.

POTD: Frosty Hotei

Frosty Hotei
Bozeman, Montana

We had our first hard freeze of the season the other day but it did not seem to phase Hotei one bit.

POTD: Paying Respects

Paying Respects
Bozeman, Montana

A chipmunk pauses to pay it’s respects to our pointer Josie in our pet graveyard. Josie was nothing but lovable around humans but basically a scourge to pretty much anything on four legs, especially squirrels although I’m sure she’d have been quite happy giving this chipmunk a good chase.

POTD: Getting Ready

Getting Ready
American Prairie Reserve, Montana

Having read Aesop’s Fable #373, Gary started in early laying in a store of grain for the winter.

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