POTD: Prequel

POTD: PrequelPrequel Bozeman, Montana 2014

This shot was taken during a storm five or six days ago. We got six or eight inches of snow total from the storm. Then it warmed up to the low 50s for a few days and almost all the snow disappeared. Today the temperature dropped back down almost 50 degrees and it’s snowing like crazy again, so this snowy lane is again snowy.

In spite of how it might look, I actually took this photo at about 11 p.m. The lighting, brightened only a little in Photoshop, was courtesy of the city lights reflecting off the clouds and the ground. (This was on an urban golf course.)


2 thoughts on “POTD: Prequel”

  1. I’m glad the surrounding lights were bright enough for you to make this great photo! But I’m sad that there’s that much light “pollution”! Stay warm!

    1. As I suggested, it really was not as bright as it seemed. For the most part it’s not that bright around our end of town anyway–lights are required to be “night sky compliant” (apparently some standard aimed at reducing light pollution). I appreciate that, however, the moon is not night sky compliant as during a full moon on a winter night with snow cover it can be darn bright outside. That’s more responsible for the blackout shades on our bedroom windows than the city lights are!

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