POTD: Vertical Music

POTD: Vertical MusicVertical Music Salt Lake City, Utah 2014

Something seemed really familiar about this pattern of grids on the windows of a building in Salt Lake City. It took me a while to associate them with musical staffs and measure bars. The only thing missing is actual notes notes and a clef. Perhaps I should have called it the unwritten symphony. I didn’t realize it at the time I was photographing it, but this building is a federal courthouse. As such, I suppose I was closely watched while photographing it and wouldn’t be too surprised to receive another visit from my friends at the FBI. (Six years or so ago, in an act of superbly bad timing, I photographed an oil refinery in Billings, MT in shortly after it had received an anonymous bomb threat. That generated a phone call from the sheriff and later a visit to our house from three FBI agents complete with the black Suburban, black suits, guns and badges, and poor senses of humor.)]]>

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