POTD: Ready for Winter

POTD: Ready for WinterReady for Winter Bozeman, Montana 2014

With 5-10″ of snow predicted for tomorrow night in this area, it’s a good time for the locals to make sure they’re settled into a nice soft bed for the winter. I haven’t picked my spot yet, as I’m too busy scrambling around trying to get a few outdoor projects at a good stopping point for the winter. The dump from this storm may not last and there may be a few more outdoor days with the ground clear, but this time of year you never know around here.]]>

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  1. Wow – and it’s only November 1! Can’t say I really miss winter weather – but it was actually down to 47 degrees here this morning!

  2. Read in Money Magazine this month that Bozeman was one of the alternate best small cities to live and start second career for retirees, given it’s many outstanding attributes. It did mention that some retirees may not appreciate it’s longer winters, however… Speaking to economics I’ve found an interesting factoid living here on the front range, my water bill from May thru October is about the same as my electric bill November thru April and the same relationship is found comparing the electric bill May through October to the water bill from November thru April. Makes it easy for budgeting my utilities….

    1. Well, I guess I fit that profile–moved back here from Idaho to work on my 2nd career and the long winters are a bother anymore. We solved a big part of the winter discontent though by moving into town once it starts snowing. Hopefully it will be some (many) years before that doesn’t work for us. I can believe that about your water/electric bill phenomenon. The water bill at our new place was pretty high while they were watering the newly planted lawn etc. Hopefully the amount of watering will be reduced next year once it’s all established. (We don’t actually do the watering ourselves; we have people–the HOA to be exact–to do that for us. Makes it easy to pick up and travel whenever the need/desire arises.)

      1. Just rain so far here tonight Judy, maybe it won’t get cold enough to snow this time around. It was beautiful today, in the high 60s. I enjoyed the day with the neighbors putting up snow fence. Kind of odd putting up snow fence in shirtsleeves.

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