POTD: Smoker's Lounge

POTD: Smoker's LoungeSmoker’s Lounge Glendive, Montana 2014

Behind the same bar as yesterday’s photo. This was apparently the bar’s ways of accommodating smokers in light of the no-smoking laws. Apparently essentially having a complete room except for one missing wall qualifies as being outside–even though in this case there is a heat duct piped from the back room of the bar to the seating area.]]>

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  1. Sometime after they passed the no smoking at all (this means you bars) ordinance in Ft. Collins, I went to a fairly nice sports bar with some folks for the first time. I was stumbling around in the back hallways looking for the gentleman’s room and noticed a patron go to a door and walk in. Figuring that was it I followed. Inside were half dozen or so patrons in a completely sealed room with air intake and out flow smoking up a storm. I then knew what it was like to enter a speak easy.

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