POTD: Makoshika #17

POTD: Makoshika #17Makoshika #17 Makoshika State Park, Montana 2014

This is a close-up example of the repetition of features that occurs at various scales in Makoshika. The balanced rocks in the photos I’ve posted previously (here and here) have been in the size range from about 8 feet high to over 15 feet high; this one is about 4 inches high. It’s not hard to picture some even smaller versions forming among the pebbles at it’s base. If it didn’t already have a cool Indian moniker, perhaps Fractal State Park might be good name for this place.]]>

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  1. I haven’t had a chance to look at too many of these photos the last couple of weeks, but looking at them today, the Makoshika State Park looks pretty interesting. I like #5 and #6.

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